Data privacy

A successful use of our service requires the indication of the following personal data:

  • your name and date of birth, which are the identity indications that will be included into the evidence document. Your name indication is mandatory, your date of birth optional. Both indications will be erased from our server after completion of the service, which is upon the evidence document having been sent out to the email address indicated by you.
  • your email address which is the address to which we send the evidence document. We keep the email address for anonymous usage statistics, or in line with communication to you related to our promocode concept (ref. our FAQ). We will never use your email in any further way or manner. If you want Regstones to delete your email in our server records, please send a simple message “delete email” to

During the execution of our service we create a digital fingerprint ("hash") of the file representing your creative work. The process of generating the fingerprint and creating the evidence document is a purely automated process and does not have any manual intervention. We do not open, store, nor sell your file in any form or manner.

Notes for promocode users: your email address is the identifier for your active promocode. If you have accrued credits, an erase of your email address would lead to the loss of your credits. Therefore, we shall ask you for confirmation before executing the erase.

Please be notified that any transfer of data over the internet, including the transmission of emails, can be subject to security vulnerabilities. Seamless protection cannot be granted.